Shopping is more than just buying a product

It's a fun day out

It's exploring new products and stores

It's meeting with friends

Shopping is a Fun, Social EXPERIENCE

Shopping Online should also be a fun, social experience


VisoMall is a Virtual, Social online shopping mall network in which you, your friends and your family can enjoy a unique, fun, useful and truly social shopping experience.

Shop, Together.

Chat While Shopping

Explore Products Together

Purchase Together

Wiser Shopping Decisions

We help each other at VisoMall.
Ask an expert before purchasing or become an expert yourself and earn rewards.

All stores are under one, virtual roof.

Virtual Experience

Easily Find and Compare Products

High, Standard, Uniform Customer Service

And Countless Fun Experiences

Be First to Get Access

Sign up to get first invites to VisoMall!
(First signups get more invites)

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Hi Storeowner!

We Are Reinventing the Way Retailers Sell Online

We all know that creating an Ecommerce store is easy.

Selling is the difficult part.

1. You Need Traffic

Today etailers spend most of their time and money trying to drive traffic to their website with Pay-per-click and social media campaigns.

2. You Need to (Continuously) Optimize your Website

Assuming you were successful in driving traffic, you need to know convert your traffic to sales.

You need to go over a never-ending checklist of tasks in order to create many sales
(A/B Tests, minimize clicks, website loading times, user reviews system, page layouts, SEO, etc...)

3. You Need to Create an Experience

More often than not, storeowners skip this step.
Those who don't, usually struggle to create an experience and spend more money on creative and marketing.


We are creating a platform which shifts your focus from these problems.

Instead, focus your time on sales, service and experience !

Shared Traffic

You are no longer required to spend all your resources on driving traffic to your store because we provide shared traffic - just like at the mall.

Instead focus your energy on driving traffic to products and increase sales.

Optimize Sales, Not Websites

You do not need to continuously optimize your website because we are doing it for you.
We are also doing it better than you because we are working on a much larger scale.

Instead, focus your energy on optimizing sales by providing better products, better service and even a virtual salesperson to help out your customers.

Shopping Experience for your Customers

You don't need to focus on creating a user experience, because we are Reinventing Shopping with experience at its core.

And all those "regular" tools and features.

Just much, much better and easier to use.

Store Management

Advanced CRM

Ultra-Targeted Ads Platform

Virtual Salesperson

Be Among the First Stores to Open

Leave us your details
(The first store openings are limited)

Do you have a current, working store?

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